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Eliances Heroes

Mar 22, 2023

Older Relationships, any relationship, and questions women want to know answers. Dr Andy Hahn and Producer Glue share a discussion on older dating, relationships s%x and more in this episode of Guided Self Healing Fearless Living.

Mar 20, 2023

Embracing hard work. Nancy Gale is the Founder of JAMAH and Founder of the non-profit AMBITION and platform 23 Years of Ramen. She stops by the 5EP Podcast to discuss with Alex the disservice given to the idea of hard work and how to change the dialog around value and mental health. Further topics they delve into in...

Mar 19, 2023

Experian Identity Report with David Britton Vice President of Strategy, Global Identity and Fraud for Experian interviewed by David Cogan Host of the Heroes Show. They discuss how to Stop Fraud Before it Begins.

Mar 17, 2023

Getting to Know SmartMove Systems with Jason Lawrie on the Contact Center Cactus Chat. Eric sits down with SmartMove CEO Jason Lawrie to find out how their company elevates taxi & transportation businesses in Australia and all over the US, especially helping those with small fleets. 

Mar 15, 2023

Dr. Andrew Hahn,  Licensed clinical psychologist and founder of Life Centered Therapy and Guided Self Healing, author The One Hour Miracle is interviewed by David Cogan Host of the Heroes Show. They discuss the effects of anxiety and how to overcome feelings of being overwhelmed, including the 9 types of leaders and...